Distance to city center:1(km) Distance to railway station:3(km) Distance to airport:25(Km)
Chaibuxi National Forest Park
IntroductionChaibuxi is a typical grand canyon, which has an area of 60 square kilometers. It st
Changyang Qingjiang Corridor
IntroductionThe Qingjiang River was called Yi(Smooth and safe) Water in ancient time. It origina
Yichang Chexi Scenic Area
IntroductionChexi Scenic Area has been Natioanl AAAA Attractive Area, and  one of
Gaolan Scenic Area
IntroductionGaolan Scenic Area takes the Lianghekou in the convergence place of Gaolan River and
Guchaoyin Scenic Spot
IntroductionGuchaoyin Cave, the rafting in the Yuyang River, the villages for holidays ect.The G
Guan Ling
IntroductionFrom the city of Dangyang, it’s about 3 kilometers to Guan Ling. Guan Ling in Dang
Jingzhou Ancient City
IntroductionJingzhou lays in the south of the centre of Hubei Province and the middle reaches of
Yichang Jiuwan Stream
IntroductionJiuwan Stream Scenic Area is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge, 20km away from
Mingfeng Mountain Scenic Area
IntroductionMingfeng Mountain lies 3,500 meters to the southwest of Yuan’an Town. It is a stee
Three Gorges Project
IntroductionAs the largest and greatest hydropower project in the world, the Three Gorges achiev
Sanyou Cave Scenic Area
IntroductionSanyou Cave is located 7 kilometers northwest of Yichang. It is a giant cave o­n
Sixi scenic area
IntroductionSixi, a famous scenic area in Zigui county, is called “a natural oxygen bar” by
Jade Spring Temple
IntroductionYuquan Temple is located at Yuquan Mountain, which is 15 kilometers away from Dangya
Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun
IntroductionZhaojun Village lies in Xingshan County, northwest of Hubei Province. Xiangxi River
Xiaofeng Scenic Area (Savage Valley)
IntroductionStarting from Yichang, Hubei Province and walking 25km westwards along the Yizi high
Yangjiaxi Military Drifting
IntroductionYangjiaxi is located in the middle of Xiling Xia---Shipai, it was an important place
Houhe Scenic Area
IntroductionGo out from Wufeng county, direct to southeast for 30km, it's the administrative
IntroductionBaiyizhai is located at Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County of Hubei Province in the 10.5

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